Online news interviews

Online news interviews

Now more than ever, reporters are keen to hear your story. But face-to-face interviews have been replaced by Skype and Zoom.

These online tools are cheap and convenient. They'll become a permanent feature of news-gathering, even after the lock-down.

So how do you prepare for a live chat or recorded interview at home? What are the new rules of engagement when you're broadcasting from the family lounge or a makeshift office? And is it ok to have toys and laundry in shot?

Here are my top 10 media training tips for remote news interviews.

1. Use a quiet room and keep it locked. (Alert family and move noisy pets.)

2. Test your sound and video. (Settings > Audio & Video.)

3. Eliminate clutter. Keep the background and walls workplace appropriate.

4. Consider Blur Your Background. It's in the Skype settings.

5. Raise the camera to eye level by placing a few books under the laptop.

6. Try to sit facing a window for flattering natural light.

7. Turn off your mobile, and close other programmes.

8. Speak at your normal level. Don't shout.

9. Maintain eye contact with the camera. Try not to glance around the screen.

10. Dress smart. Avoid busy patterns, narrow stripes, and onesies.

As usual, before undertaking any interview, always ask for the questions to be sent in advance.

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