Presentation training

It’s difficult to imagine your career taking off if you can't deliver a great pitch or presentation.

Few people are naturally gifted speakers. But with expert guidance, you can calm the nerves and improve your presentation skills.

Greg offers boardroom training and remote mentoring. Options include PowerPoint critiques, and presentation rehearsals. With expert advice, you'll be ready to deliver with confidence at your next presentation.

Public speaking can be stressful. But cramming all your material onto cluttered PowerPoint slides is not the way to win an audience.  The fastest way to become confident and engaging is with rehearsal and critique - preferably in front of a camera. Working with Greg, you'll learn how to plan and structure a presentation; how to avoid text-heavy slides, how to engage with stories, and how to control your nerves and body language.

One-to-one mentoring

One-to-one mentoring is a popular option for individuals planning an important talk or presentation. In a typical one-hour session, Greg can help you plan your presentation; fine tune your slides, or critique your delivery. If your rehearsal is filmed, a video copy is available online within 24 hours.

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