Media training

A standard media training workshop runs for three hours for group training, or 2.5 hours for individuals. I bring all the gear to your office including a video camera; TV monitor and audio recording gear.

All  workshops feature on-camera interview rehearsals & critiques. Video copies are supplied after training. In a typical media training session, you'll be taken through tips and strategies to help you engage in any media encounter. You'll learn how to:

  • Respond to unexpected media calls
  • Prepare for a typical interview
  • Manage negative or awkward questions
  • Engage with stories and examples
  • Avoid jargon and long responses
  • Look your best in remote interviews
  • Encourage positive reporting
  • Respond with empathy during a crisis
Training options
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one-to-one media training

One-to-one training

One-to-one training is ideal for anyone in a spokesperson role. This comprehensive coaching covers all the basics of media management. One-to-one training is ideal for anyone preparing for an upcoming interview. Training content is tailored to your requirements.

Small group media training

Small group training

Small group training is designed for two or three colleagues training together. Like one-to-one traioning, this session includes interview rehearsals for all attendees. Small group training is ideal for anyone preparing for a spokesperson role. Training content can be tailored to individual requirements.

Seminar media training

8-PLUS seminar

The 8-Plus is a two-hour seminar for large groups of eight or more people. This option is aimed at middle management and support staff e.g. people who may not be in a spokesperson role. The session focuses on media management. But roleplay is limited to two or three volunteers.

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Refresher training

Refresher training

Refresher training is a one-hour refresher option for individuals. This session is ideal for anyone preparing for a specific interview. The Refresher is focused on rehearsal and critique, rather than broad media management skills. This option is available face to face, or via Zoom.

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