PEAD PR: Deborah Pead, Managing Director

"There are few things more intimidating than a live media interview.  My clients always tell me a session with Greg is amongst the most practical training they have received, and they carry the skills he teaches them throughout their lives.  We value Greg’s professionalism and experience and the results he achieves with our clients.  He makes us and our clients look good.”

FLIGHT CENTRE: Dana Duxfield, PR & Communications Manager

“Having media-savvy spokespeople is an invaluable asset. Greg’s sessions are a vital way in which we achieve this at Flight Centre NZ Ltd. All our leaders have been trained by Greg. They rave about his ability to make them feel at ease. Greg always goes above and beyond to personalise the sessions to the individual and their role, and he has a real knack for instilling confidence.”

NZ AIDS FOUNDATION: Joe Rich, Communications & Marketing Director

"Greg facilitated media training for our executive director and senior leadership team. The training was incredibly useful. Greg really knows his stuff, he took the time to understand our work and provide a customised training package. The practice interviews were particularly useful.  I would recommend this training to anyone looking to build their confidence in dealing with the media.”

COASTGUARD: Monique Caddy, National Communications Manager

"Greg has worked with Coastguard New Zealand for more than seven years, and has provided invaluable support to our team of staff and volunteers.  He is an engaging and charismatic presenter and a well-respected media trainer.  His straight-talking approach and quick wit while delivering media training is always appreciated by our volunteers. Greg consistently goes above and beyond our brief to deliver excellent results and we highly recommend his services."


"Greg is our go-to for media training. He quickly develops a rapport with our clients and then uses his extensive broadcasting experience to train, test and instil confidence. When it comes to the crunch, and the designated media spokesperson is about to go on air, Greg is always available to prepare them for their interview.”

WRIGHT COMMUNICATIONS: Nikki Wright, Managing Director

“Wright Communications has been using Greg's media training services regularly for the last decade.  Greg continually refreshes his training slides to keep our clients abreast of the changing media landscape.  Greg manages to be challenging yet supportive and has a knack for developing pithy key messages and descriptive sound bites on the fly.  He gives our clients the best possible preparation ahead of media interviews.  Our clients rave about Greg and say he is ‘excellent' and 'the best media trainer' "

GRABONE: Campbell Brown, former Marketing Director

“Probably the most worthwhile training I have ever done, not just because of what it was, but because who delivered it. Greg was simply brilliant”

YARRA CITY COUNCIL: Brigette Shanks, former Learning & Development Advisor

"I engaged Greg to deliver training to change the way our employees think about and rely on PowerPoint whilst presenting. Greg had the room captured for the entire session. Most excellent evaluation feedback I have received from a training program in quite some time.”

NZ KING SALMON: Stephen Gibson, former International Marketing Manager

"Greg is inspiring and focused.  I learnt more in our half-day session than a 2-day course back in the UK. I would happily recommend Greg."


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